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We are CEC Members and accredited installers

The Clean Energy Council – the independent body for solar installer and component accreditation in Australia – has released a helpful guide for those interested in making the move to installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at home. The CEC has also simultaneously published a myth-busting FAQ which dismantles some of the erroneous arguments and clears up some of the popular misconceptions regarding solar PV technology.


The reality of the situation in Australia is that there is a diverse number of panels, inverters and installers in the solar industry. These three factors are the most important and vital to customers looking at installing a solar energy system on their properties. If even one of these considerations turns out to be unreliable, the entire project is undermined, and thousands of dollars worth of investment can be compromised. In order to establish a standard under which all installers and their components can be held as trustworthy and dependable, the Clean Energy Council has an accreditation system called CEC.

In order for an installer to become CEC accredited, they must prove their components and workmanship are up to a strict standard. So long as the panels and inverters are CEC approved, then one can be assured of their quality and reliability.

Key Solar are CEC accredited to do your install and design

Members of the Master Electricians Australia

Why use an Accredited Master Electrician?

Electrical work is one of the most dangerous tasks that can be performed in a home or business. Every year, dozens of people are electrocuted or shocked by substandard electrical work. By choosing a Master Electrician, you are choosing a contractor whose safety systems are accredited and monitored, and who provides a workmanship guarantee. Master Electricians are also reliable contractors who provide excellent services and information, potentially saving you time and money.

By choosing a Master Electrician you are choosing a quality electrical contractor who has proven they have the experience to provide you with a safe, energy efficient solution for your home or business.

When safety cannot be sacrificed, a Master Electrician can deliver. All Master Electricians are accredited to provide the highest levels of workmanship and electrical safety. Each Master Electrician is also required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and offer their customers a 12-month guarantee on their work.

Master Electricians are available across Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


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