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The supply charge from your electricity retailers has increased substantially over the past 12 months which results in every increasing power bills. But there’s good news, Solar Photovoltaic systems have come down in price which makes installing solar an affordable option.

Statistically, the average Australian home consumes about 20kWh of power per day and typically a 5kW system will produce around 21kWh per day. To enhance the payback period on the cost of a system, power consumption should be spaced out during the day and utilize while it’s being produced. Any excess power produced by the solar panels will be feed back to the grid. In South East Queensland Solar PV customers can negotiate with their electricity suppliers a feed-in-tariff rate and currently “Click Energy” are paying a rate of around 12c.

Another incentive to install solar is in the form of the Government Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which reduces the upfront cost of installing solar. The total discount is calculated on a number of factors: the location, the size of the system and the price of the STCs at the time of installation.

By the end of 2013, almost 1.25 million small scale Solar PV systems were installed across Australia resulting in 11% of Australian Clean Energy generation. However, there are major concerns that the Federal Government’s recent review of Renewable Energy Target could mean an end to rebates which would force pricing up by 30%.

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar but are unsure if it’s a viable option for you, then why not call us out for a FREE no obligation onsite quote, where we can assess your current electricity bill, give suggestions on how you can save on your electricity usage plus design a system to suit your budget and family needs. 1300 KEY SOLAR / 1300 539 765