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When we think of switching to solar power, we usually need to consider which solar panels we should get to experience the maximum benefits of solar energy. But there is another essential component that you must think about if you are planning to make a switch to a solar power system: solar power inverters. Investing in a highly capable and durable inverter is just as important as investing In great quality solar panels.

In this article, we are going to examine everything that solar power inverters can do. Why are they essential to your solar panel system? Can you operate your system without them? Which solar inverters do we recommend?

Here, you’ll find some answers to the how’s and why’s of solar inverters. So, let’s start with what solar inverters are.

What Are Solar Power Inverters?

Think of solar inverters as the “brains” of your solar energy system, while the solar panels serve as the muscle that works hard to collect energy. A solar inverter turns the solar energy that was collected by the panels into usable energy. It is a low-level computer that is installed along with the other components of your solar energy system. It allows your system to work as it should.

Without solar power inverters, your entire solar energy system would work. This is because it is responsible for doing the following:

They Make Solar Energy Usable

Australian domestic lines carry 220-240v AC at 50 Hz. The energy that comes straight out of any solar energy system would be running in direct current, which renders it unusable for residential and even commercial use. There is a barrier, so to speak. That is where solar inverters can step in. Solar inverters serve as the bridge that translates direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

With solar inverters, energy coming straight out of the panels is now usable for domestic or commercial purposes. These machines allow the system to connect and send power to your home or the utility grid seamlessly. This function alone makes solar inverters incredibly important, but that’s not where their uses end.

They Allow for Online Communication

Solar energy systems can be connected to the internet thanks to solar inverters. You have to link it up with a computer to fully take advantage of this feature. By linking it up online, you can see so much information about your solar energy system. This brings us to another reason why solar inverters are so important.

They Provide Important Data

Once you have linked your solar inverter to a computer, you can see real-time data on the amount of energy being supplied by the system. You can also check how much energy you have consumed for a certain span of time. This insightful look at your production and consumption levels can help you better utilise your system.

If you notice that you are consuming more than you need, then you can try to dial your energy needs accordingly. But if you are collecting more than enough energy for one household alone, you can find new opportunities to make profit out of the excess energy.

There are so many things you can do with the data provided through the solar inverter. Some inverters even come with weather reporting features that tell some estimates on how much energy you can gather the next day. The technology behind inverters is getting more and more advanced by the minute. Soon enough, they will have even more features that make them truly great investments.

They Send Error Alerts

Another thing inverters can bring to the table are automated error alerts. Solar energy systems are not immune to system failures and outages, especially when there’s something wrong with the installation. Problems also happen due to extreme weather conditions. The best remedy is to have it checked by professionals as soon as possible.

Thanks to solar inverters, you don’t have to manually check the system for errors. Inverters will automatically send the error report as soon as it happens. All you have to do is contact a reliable solar power maintenance and repair service provider to fix the problem right away.

They Protect the Energy Grid

Solar energy systems can experience over-voltage errors. This might not necessarily be your distributed network supply provider’s (DNSP) fault. There is a high chance that the wires from your inverter and switchboard to the grid connection may have a resistance that is too high. When this is the case, over-voltage can damage not only your system but the entire energy grid, too.

This is not only problematic but costly as well. An inverter ensures that those problems will be mitigated, if not completely avoided. It also protects other nearby properties from getting affected. Rural areas are more susceptible to this problem. So, make sure to discuss with your DNSP about all the features that you’d like to have in your inverter.

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