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Getting the right solar power quotes

We’ve heard it so often from our customers that it was hard to get someone to come out to their properties on the Gold Coast to give them a solar quote.   It’s not unusual for some companies to just Google your address on Google Earth and then do an over the phone quotation.  These companies may not even be in Queensland and use subcontractors to do the installation.

NOT US….we come to your home and do a FREE onsite quote, at a time that’s convenient to you and we design and install the jobs ourselves.  It’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

And while we’re there we’ll answer all your questions

  • Where’s the best place for the inverter?

    (Usually near the switchboard but again each property differs so at the time of consultation we’ll find the right place so that the inverter is working correctly)

  • What’s the best position on the roof for the panels?

    (For best performance and North facing roof is optimal but NE, NW or E + W is also ok.   Systems can be split to get best results such as E for morning sun and W for the afternoon sun.  Every property is different and that’s why it’s important to come out and do the quote) Gold coast photovoltaic solar power works

  • What’s the best inverter?

    (The inverter is the heart of the system and that’s why we only offer two types –SMA (German manufacturer) and Aurora (Italian manufacturer.  In our opinion these are the very best on the market) Key Solar inverters

  • What kind of warranties are there on the products and on service?

    (There is full manufacturers and product warranties with all the systems we install plus a 5 year workmanship warranty from Key Solar – that’s your assurance that your system will be working for years and years to come) Solar power gold coast – warranty

  • Who does the paperwork?

    (We do all the paperwork, from the initial work request with  Energex right through to the STC forms for the Small Scale rebate which gives your system a substantial discount)  Explanation on recs stcs ret solar credits

  • How else can you save money on your power bills?

    At the same time as getting a quote for solar we’ll make suggestions to further reduce your power bills such as energy efficient lighting, perhaps converting your pool to off peak or installing solar hot water – the “Energy Efficiency Test” has plenty of suggestions to lower your energy bills and a range of resources to help you save without compromising comfort. Key Solar Energy Efficiency Test