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Solar panels are gaining traction all over the globe, and who can blame consumers? Solar panel systems have a lot to offer in terms of saving energy, money, and most importantly, the planet. It is a great option if you want to significantly cut energy bills in the long run. If you have been thinking about solar panel installation for your household or perhaps for your business, then you need to know several things first before diving deep into it.

Getting solar panels is a lot like getting a car. You have to research on many factors, ask people about their experience, and make a financial investment in it as well. Before calling on a provider for a solar panel installation, here are some things you have to know:

Check Your Roof First

Solar panels need, well, the sun to function properly. The best part of the house that allows access to the coveted sunshine is the roof. If you have a stable roof that is made of strong materials and is not going to give up soon, then you can rest easy.

On the other hand, if your roof is covered in shade throughout the year, installing some solar panels might not work for you. The same is true if your roof is in a not-so-ideal state. You might have to go through repairs before having your system installed.

Even more if the roof over your head is not yours in the first place, as is the case with renting or living in a multi-unit building. This does not mean that you cannot have experience the benefits of solar panels altogether. You can try asking your neighbours (or the community council) about the possibility of shared or community solar systems.

Know the Different Types

Different types of solar panels make sense for different circumstances. Right now, there are two major solar technologies available in the market namely photovoltaic and thermal. Photovoltaic uses rows upon rows of cells that convert sunlight into energy. On the other hand, thermal utilises sunlight to heat water or air to be used inside.

Solar thermal types are perfect for those who reside in a place where heating fuel is expensive. It is also great for households that require a lot of energy for heating. Best talk to a qualified installer to know which one would fit you best.

Study the Costs

Solar panel installation is not like shopping for appliances in the hardware shop. The decision must be deliberate and careful mostly because of the costs that come with it. Solar panel installation is expensive upfront. But with the right usage and maintenance, you can break even pretty quickly.

Take a pause and try to audit how much you are paying for your energy bills right now. If it is something that is not sustainable for you in the long run, investing in solar panels might be the best way to go. Discuss pricing options with your provider. Installers like Key Solar have decently priced solar system packages that you can choose from.

Consider the Logistics

A solar panel system is a utility which means that it needs to connect to a grid. The details for this vary greatly depending on where you live. Do you have to pay to get connected? How long will it take? It is essential to consider this factor before the actual installation happens.

Some states are quite strict about their grid connection policies, so be sure to consult with your installers regarding that. Some states have policies that make it hard to recoup the cost of installation. This being an advantage or a disadvantage depends solely on your preference.

Explore Leasing Options

When in doubt, lease. Many companies offer leasing options for their solar panel systems. This is great since you can try out if the system works and you do not have to pay as much. However, the benefits that you experience might be more limited. Once the lease is up, they might take the system away, whereas owning a system allows unlimited access and control over the energy produced.

Work with Qualified Installers

With the rise of demand for solar panel installation, comes the rise of contractors that deliver substandard installation services. Be sure to check on the company that you are planning to work with and choose ones that have built a reputable name in the business.

Work with installers who will collaborate closely with you, accredited by the Clean Energy Council, and most of all, choose installers who have had experience in the industry. Installers who offer you packages without even attempting to understand your needs and goals are clearly not there for your best interests, so choose wisely.

Examine the Contract

Just like in any formal agreement you enter into, you should always read the contract before you sign the dotted line. That includes the fine print. The contract should contain the details about the financing, ownership, specifications, and so on. Vague or ambiguous lines should be questioned with the installer you are working with. After checking if everything is in place, enjoy the benefits of your solar panel system!

Ready for a solar panel installation?

If you have made the decision to go for a solar panel installation, contact your local installers today. Key Solar supplies, installs, and maintains solar panels in Gold Coast. Reach us at 1300 539 765.