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At Key Solar we believe that the products we choose to sell and recommend are of the highest quality and as a result we can offer our customers excellent warranties.  These warranties are standard inclusions in the purchase price of each solar system.

Solar Modules 25 year manufacturer’s warranty
10 year materials warranty
25 year performance warranty
SMA / Aurora Inverters 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
(plus 5 years extended warranty if purchased)
Installation Key Solar will provide a 10 year installation warranty


What do these warranties mean?

The materials warranty covers the actual panel against any defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace any product that breaks or fails within the warranty period. This includes solar panels, inverters, mounting frames, cables, conduits, circuit breakers, junction boxes and any other system component that we install.

If the installation fails to meet our quality standards, or if there is a problem associated with the installation of the solar system, we will return to site and rectify this problem. This includes issues that may affect the performance of the system.  If we cause any damage to property while we are installing the solar system, we will return and fix any such damage and/or replace any damaged item/s.

We will provide any repairs and replacement products to you at the installation address.

What is not covered by these warranties?

  • Any issues which arise outside of the applicable warranty period
  • Any consequential loss suffered by you in connection with the installation of our products or our products breaking or failing that was not reasonably foreseeable.
  • Any malicious damage, or damage caused by abuse, neglect or accident
  • A pre-existing electrical installation, wiring and fuse box
  • Any “acts of God” and/or damage normally covered by your home/householder’s property insurance (e.g. lightning, hail, storm or flood damage
  • Any unauthorised modifications, changes or attempted repairs
  • Any damage or defects caused by inspections, repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than a Key Solar authorised service providers.

If any persons other than a Key Solar installer, contractor or authorised person, works on the Key Solar power system at any time, this warranty is void.

If you have any questions or concerns about our warranties, please contact us on 1300 539 765 / 1300 KEY SOLAR