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Quality you can trust

Panels – Jinko Eagle Panels: tier 1, excellent low light performance, performance rated at 270w. Jinko Eagle panels have been independent tested, verified and endorsed by the Australian Solar Council.

Inverter – Inverters are arguably the most technologically important and complicated part of any solar PV system. We choose to use SMA inverters – global leaders in the inverter market. Founded in 1981 SMA are German based company with turnover of 1.9 billion and employ over 5,000 people internationally.

All SMA inverters have built in bluetooth / web connect and are battery ready. This enabling the owner to view statistical data direct from their computer and the information is delivered in an easy to read graph report.

Regularly monitoring your system performance is an important tool to ensure that the system is operating at its optimal performance level and to report any faults.

Racking – Choosing the right mounting kit is vital to the integrity of the installation. If installed correctly, it will provide structural support to the system in high winds and other potential weather hazards. We choose to use Grace Technology mounting kits – world class structural components comprise of high class stainless steel and anodised aluminium alloy. Designed for twenty years service life and backed by ten year warranty and to stand up to extreme weather complied with AS/NZ 1170 and other internationally structure and load carrying capacity.

Easy to install with a seamless integration of aesthetics, form and function.

Safety Switches / DC Isolators – PGK 1200V DC 32A Isolator PGK 1200VDC Isolator 32A Trusted by the Solar Industry. The PGK 1200vdc 32A Isolator is now one of the most popular options for solar installs. Developed for the harsh Australian climate, these isolators will ensure your system is safe for decades to come. Thickest polycarbonate case in the market with IP66 rating with external mounting clips and case can only be opened in the “Off” position.

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