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3kW solar PV system together with battery storage will produce energy during daylight hours which is use to power the home and appliances during the day. Surplus electricity generated from the solar panels is stored in the battery bank to be used at night.

7 multi unit installation at Cornubia. 92 panels in total with 1 x 5kW SMA inverter and 6 x 3kW SMA inverters over 3 day installation





SE Queensland Edition

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7.28kW solar PV system installed at Maudsland – includes 28 x 260w Trina Solar panels plus 1 x 5kW Tri Power SMA inverter on tin roof with tilt frame.

6.24kW system install in Parkinson. We installed a time switch so that the solar generated power ran the pool pump for a few hours during the day.

We installed a 5.2kW system with 20 x 260w Jinko panels on a decramastic roof in Ashmore using planks across the roof to protect the tiles. The home owner is expected to save approximately $2,500 off their annual electricity bill.

5.2kW system installed on a great Men’s Shed at Wongawallan. The owner can now run all his machinery during the day without having to worry about drawing off the grid.

3.2kW Solar PV system installed on commercial building at Southport Factory. 3kW SMA inverter and 12 x 260w Trina panels on tilt frame.

6.24kW Solar PV System installed at Tamborine – includes 5kW Aurora inverter (Italian manufactured) plus 24 x 260w Trina panels on tilt from for maximum radiation.

5.2kW Solar PV system installed at Golden Beach, Sunshine coast – includes 5kW SMA inverter plus 20 x 260w Trina panels.

5kW Upgrade – we installed an additional 14 x 250w Trina panels to existing 6 QCell panels to bring Allan’s 1.5kW system up to a 5kW system. Also installed a 5kW SMA inverter and first digital read was showing 5,000w – very impressive!

3.2kW Solar PV System installed at Wurtulla, Sunshine coast – 3kW SMA inverter (German manufactured) plus 12 x 260w Trina panels. No.1 selling brand in Australia. Second largest solar producer in the world. Excellent heat tolerance – rated at +3% output

5Kw system (20 x 250w Jinko panels with SMA inverter at Upper Coomera for Kevin Cox

5kW system – 20 x 250 Trina panels plus SMA5000 TL21 German Inverter installed for Maria and Ross at 19 Abernant Court, Dakabin

5kW system – 20 x 250 Jinko panels + SMA 5000 TL21 German Inverter installed at 3 Macadam Crt, Palmwood

5kW system – 20 x 250w Jinko panels + SMA 5000TL21 German Inverter installed at Gippsland Drive, Helensvale

5kW system 20 X 250W CSun panels installed on North facing roof with SMA 5000TLD 21 German inverter at Hope Island

5kW system installed on north facing roof at Springwood with Aurora inverter

5kW system installed at Oxenford – 20 x Topsola panels with 5kw SMA inverter

4 Kw System installed on shed, SMA 4kw and DC Isolator plus switchboard with labeling

3kW Split North roof installation

1.7 kw Tilt system on flat roof with 1.7kw SMA inverter